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Slots History - The history of slot machines

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Slots History 
Invented in the late 1800's, the slot machine has reached an epic level of popularity both in and out of casinos. Slots combine the perfect assortment of graphics, interaction, and payout, into a jam packed entertainment source that knows no bounds. At Caribbean Gold Casino you won't find a greater variety, or higher quality, selection of slots anywhere else online.
Gambling had spread throughout America by the late 1800's, and had already taken its place as one of the most popular pastimes of the century. Although games of chance took many different shapes and sizes from one area to another, there were some standards that became known across the country, such as Roulette and Poker. In San Francisco one gambling game in particular called drop card machines had become quite popular indeed. Constructed of crude clockwork and bulky gearing, these Machines had fifty cards attached to 5 rotating drums. Just short of a full deck, the cards on the drums were usually missing the Jack of Hearts and the Ten of Spades. Operated with coins, the players would win prizes like free drinks, if they got a winning poker hand on one of the drum rolls. Thanks to these primitive machines, a young inventor named Charles Fay would soon get the idea for a more complicated, and more profitable, version that would spread all over America and the world.

Charles Fay, a Bavarian immigrant born in the city of Vohringen in 1862, created the first actual slot machine that resembles today's games, in San Francisco in the early 1900s. Fay was partnered with a man named Theodore Holtez, with who he started the California Electric Works with. It was through this company that the two men invented, refined, and mass produced the games.

"Liberty Bell", named after the Liberty Bell shape of the device, was the first slot machine to be produced. Sporting three reels, a pay-out schedule, a coin acceptor, and a large handle on the right side of the machine, the Liberty Bell was very similar to the slot machines of today. Really the only difference was that the handles were very hard to pull, and made terribly loud grinding noises when they were operating.

The famous earthquake of 1906 destroyed Fay's main factory, as it did most of the city. It was such a terrible blow to the business that they were unsure they could recover. But as it would turn out, the earthquake would end up being the reason for the company's success over a rival company.

Herbert Stephen Mill, of Chicago, had made modifications to Fay's machines and had begun producing his own version of the slot machine while Fay was busy rebuilding his factory. It looked for a while as if Mill's game would become the popular choice because of its many improvements on the design. But by the time Mill was ready to start shipping his products, Fay's factory was completed. Although Mill's product was clearly better than Fay's original design, Fay's brand new modern factory was capable of production speeds much higher than that of Mill's facility. The result was that Fay was able to produce and ship much more of his machines than Mill, making Fay's machine the dominant slot machine in America for the next 20 years, and would inspire the multitude of new machines to come.

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